Pool Design: Designing and Construction of pools

The company has been active since 1990 in the field of study - design and construction of swimming pools for private or public use, wellness areas, water treatment systems and air treatment.

By extension, it manufactures hot tubs, has hot tubs (SPA), steam baths, saunas and provides scheduled service for all its facilities.

Upon completion of the project, we undertake advisory services, scheduled service and periodic inspection of facilities.

We provide a full range of spare parts and specialized products for the maintenance of the facilities.

The knowledge

The profound knowledge of our subject, the following of new technologies and our long-lasting experience, make up a successful and recognized profile we have created in the Greek market.


We listen carefully to the customer and try to create the best result with the lowest possible cost of construction and maintenance of the project.

The consequence

Our main goals are the consistency in timetables and the specific needs of each project we undertake.


It is our main feature and has resulted in long-term cooperation among our customers.


By selecting quality products, combined with our attentive facilities, we reduce the cost of maintenance and damage to a minimum.


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